Receipt and the unloading of animals
Arrival health check and transfer to sex segregated paddocks or as directed by client.
Stock checked twice daily
More than adequate feed and all care for the well being of stock
Presentation in yards for tagging, testing and treatments.
Regular communication/reports to the client on the state and condition of stock
Management of all relevant SQIS documentation and record keeping
Loading of stock on day of departure



As a South African accredited, approved and licensed livestock dealer/exporter, our purpose is to assist buyers/importers throughout the world in finding quality livestock.We can assist you with your next livestock order by offering you the proper advice and direction in order for you to make a successful export shipment. Jemente Farms provides a complete export service - from our farm gate to your local airport. We have our own pre-export isolation facility on our property so we can process any international livestock order totally in house making the export process less complicated for you the client. Jemente Farms manages all the logistics of export and import regulations, stock selection and consolidation, quarantine, health testing and veterinary treatments and transport to achieve the maximum outcome for our clients and suppliers. It is our aim to be known for providing high quality sheep, goat cattle, eggs and other products  to clients throughout the world. Our experience and knowledge enable us to recommend breeds which will thrive in your environment and as your global livestock source, we will locate genetically sound, animals to fit your needs and increase your productivity. Jemente Feeds & Livestock primary goal is to supply the highest quality animals at the most competitive price. Through our rigid selection process, health testing, final inspection and follow up service we aim to provide superior service both before and after shipment to guarantee a satisfied customer. No matter what size genetic purchase you wish to export, Trinity Farm can assist. We work with our clients to ensure a smooth and successful shipment. Trinity Farm Centre is an SQIS approved isolation centre owned and operated by us. Operating our own pre isolation facility means we can process any international livestock order totally in house making the process less complicated and more cost effective for you the client.


Our service includes:

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